Are You The Leader We’re Looking For?

What are your goals? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Our US business is looking for a general, operational and administrative manager, someone who’s ready to lead our wonderfully talented (and very lovely) US team. Someone who’s ready to take a brave leap and help grow a company. Someone to lead, organize and inspire to continue to deliver the amazing work we do for our amazing clients.
What would you like to achieve in life?
I’ve been having a discussion with a close friend on precisely this topic on quite a regular basis. My friend isn’t terribly satisfied with his job.
I believe that a job enables the next stage of your life. Because what you’re doing right now is by choice, your goals should be on track to become reality. This is the wonderful truth about freedom.
Frustration comes from being held back from enabling your longer term goals. In a career context, you need to be working in the right place and be on the right career path to feel good about, everything else.
What are you looking for in a career?
Some of us are still learning. We’re fixing, communicating or making things. As developing marketers, this is a good place for us to be.
Some of us, as more seasoned “Senior” consultants, are quite happy to stay on the front lines, managing our teams and creating new strategies.
Some of us have proven our chops on that particular battlefield, and now we yearn for more. If this sounds familiar, this post is for you.
Are you the leader we’ve been looking for?
Job title is negotiable, it could be COO when you’re ready, it could be “Head of US Market” or “US General Manager” while we’re developing you.
Salary and relocation is absolutely negotiable. If you’re the right person, the numbers part will be easy.
The role comes with a generous stock option offer, great vacation entitlement and excellent health insurance. We’re building something big and exciting, and we’ll need you to be in this for the long term.
You might not be sure if you’re ready for that, and you might not be sure if you want to relocate to San Francisco (San Francisco is beautiful – I absolutely implore you to investigate California – it’s such a beautiful and geographically diverse state), so let me outline the crux of what you’ll be doing:

Looking after our growth hiring and retention needs
Recruiting to growth in technical, research, outreach and creative disciplines
Recruiting junior hires to feed our ever growing need for internal promotion
Working with our team to ensure they have the skills and tools needed for the job
Coaching and training / development and regular team meetings and one to ones
Maintaining a competitive salary, relocation and health insurance package for our staff
Collecting and helping prioritize development feedback for our Zorg platform

Working to achieve our 2014 business forecast
Working with the Sales team to keep us on top line target
Planning, implementing and testing marketing initiatives for Builtvisible
Developing our 3rd party partner relationships
Growth through client relationships by maintaining visibility on each account
Ensuring the USA leads the field on daily marketing activity

Managing the weekly to monthly financial operations of:
Approving payroll and other monthly budgeted expenses
Managing our relationship with our accounting firm
Monitoring cash flow, accounts aging, and the monthly P&L
Working with our UK Finance management for administrative support whenever needed
Managing a monthly budget for marketing, IT, travel, and any general expenses

Put simply, this is a great challenge for the right person.
There’s a lot of on-boarding support, including training in the UK after you’ve joined. You’ll be lining directly into me, joining a team of 6 people currently responsible for running our group of companies.
I will develop you and teach you everything I know, and you’ll have support from everyone across our group. In exchange, I’d appreciate it if you’d teach me everything you know!
Skills & Personality
It’s assumed that you’ve mastered the art of SEO or that you have a very detailed understanding of digital marketing strategy, and that therefore you could lead a savvy digital team. You’ve been effective wherever you’ve come from. You’ve almost certainly got a sales and marketing background. You’re a real problem solving people person. What you’ve seen excites you.
In our case, “SEO” means an incredibly broad skillset, from deep dive technical SEO (log file analysis, in depth site audits, site architecture) to research and outreach disciplines. We’ve also got a growing production capability, as our name suggests, we like to make great content for our clients!
On that note, we like very technically savvy people. People who bring a strong desire to execute high quality marketing product: creative marketing campaigns that win our clients coverage, a passion for the best technical work and the will to lead a group of people towards continuous improvement, curiosity while maintaining the terrific energy our US team brings to the family.
If you’d like to know more about our company and our values, take a look at Our Story.
As a great way to understand some of the qualities we look for, take a look at my thoughts on hiring great people.
To get a sense of how we’re different, take a look at how we work.
If this isn’t quite for you, cool. We strive to recruit and promote internally, so if you like what we do but you’re just starting out, or you’re still very much on the front lines, take a look at the roles we think we need to place here: (if you don’t see something listed on our careers page but you really think you can add value to our organisation, get in touch!).
If this sounds like something you want to do, drop me an email: Thanks for listening, and good luck!

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