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Creative Post Lion Automated Ad SoftwareIt’s no surprise to most business owners and Entrepreneurs that the cost of advertising is rising and the results from most marketing is just not making the positive difference they were seeking. With the advent of certain technologies, advertising has made a shift back to the basics – Classified Advertising!

Classified ads have actually never went away. However, the methods of making your business stand out in the crowd has. Craigslist, eBay Classified and BackPages ads are the mainstays in this advertising medium.

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If there was a way to capture your market using these mediums to promote your business, would you use it? …of course you would…your competitors already do!

What will you advertise?

Are you looking for a company and prototype that’s years ahead of the crowd? Are you tired of the $497 – $997 start-ups by wishy-washy…well you know…?

Check out why FOXNews, NBCNews, Bloomberg News, Money Talk Radio and other mainstream media agree, iGrow SPEED’s business model is a force to recon with.


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