Breaking the SEO Rules: When Not to Follow Best Practices – Whiteboard Friday

Best practices are set in place to guide us toward success in most situations. Not all situations. In today’s Whiteboard Friday, Cyrus shows us several instances in which it’s actually best to break the rules and throw those best practices out the window.
Howdy Moz fans. Welcome to another edition of Whiteboard Friday. I’m Cyrus Shepard. Today we’re going to be talking about one of my favorite subjects — breaking the SEO rules, and when not to follow best practices.
Now, best practices are something we talk a lot about here at Moz, and people are very adamant about following them oftentimes. So before we get started, I want to talk about what exactly we mean when we say “best practices.”
For example, a best practice would be that your meta description length is only so long, or that your title tag length is 512 pixels or something like that. So when we talk about best practices, we’re talking about a set of rules that are consistently showing superior results. It doesn’t mean they’re the only way you can do things, but in general, over time, they deliver the best results over other techniques.
Best practices are also used as a benchmark so that when you compare two different techniques, such as title tag length is this long or title tag length is that long, one set of those results you can use as a benchmark to measure your results.
Finally, best practices are meant to evolve and improve. Best practices get better over time. If you’re running a business or you’re doing SEO, your best practices are going to change the better you get at what you’re doing and the more you learn. This is one thing that people often forget — that best practices do change.
But sometimes you want to ignore best practices, and that’s what we want to talk about today. One of the first reasons that you sometimes want to forget about best practices is when you want to deliver the highest ROI for your activities. When you’re working on a client’s site, when you’re doing in-house SEO, time and resources are limited. So you want to make sure that you’re doing the activity that leads to the highest return on investment for what you’re doing.
This is a really common example when people start. When they’re new to SEO, they start on a campaign, and they start optimizing their on-page elements and crawlability and engine accessibility. At the beginning of your campaign, that’s a really high-ROI activity.
As you fix those site errors, as your search engine optimization improves, working on on-page issues, the return on investment starts to decline. What people do is they stay on this line far too long, and they’re fixing every little thing on their site, and they’re not seeing a huge return on investment.
At the same time, they’re ignoring all the other issues, such as building links, building a community, getting out there on social media, when that would be a much higher-ROI activity. So even though it would be a best practice to stay on those sites and fix all those issues, sometimes there are activities which are going to be much more valuable for you to pursue.
Along those same lines you always have to weigh the cost and the benefit of the SEO that you’re working on, because working on best practices and implementing SEO on your site sometimes comes at a cost, especially if you’re making changes. So you have to justify what you’re going to get in return to the effort that you’re going to put into it.
An example that comes up a lot, it’s a best practice to have keywords in your URL structure. So we see people write in, people talk to us, and they have a structure like this They want to go through a massive site reorganization, so that’s
Now, keep in mind that doing that there’s a bunch of 301 redirects. You may lose some link equity, and you may even lose rankings. In the end, you have to wonder if making that change is worth the change, worth the cost of doing so. In many examples, it’s not going to be.
We have a saying: If it’s not broke, don’t fix it, because making huge, massive changes is going to cost you. If you’re ranking pretty well in this situation, we might recommend just leave it alone even though it violates best practices.
A lot of times you want to violate best practices when you’re optimizing for other goals. Again, talking about that title tag case, 512 pixels, that’s generally the amount of title tag that Google will display in its search results. So that’s what we define as best practices for title tags.
But that doesn’t mean you should go rewrite every title tag on your site, which a lot of people will go out and do. You might be optimizing for social sharing. If you have an awesome title tag and it’s hot on Twitter, it’s hot on Facebook, it’s hot on Google+, LinkedIn, and it’s getting shared all over the place, it might be okay to go over that 512-pixel length.
If you have a title tag that’s converting really well, and it’s driving all these sales to your home page, and it’s showing up in other places, you may not want to rewrite it.
If you’re ranking really well, there’s no reason to make that change, especially if you’re talking about hundreds or thousands of title tags on your site. We get into the cost benefit ratio again.
So yes, best practices tell you to have it at 512 pixels, and it’s often the case that you want to keep it within those ranges because they are consistently showing superior results. But not in every case, because sometimes you’re going to have different goals.
The final point is this idea of evolving and improving. Part of SEO is constantly learning what works and what doesn’t work. Google and the other search engines are constantly updating their algorithms, so we want to experiment. We want to learn new things. We want to try new things. We want constant improvement on these best practices. We don’t want to set them in stone. We want to define them and try to improve them over time.
SEO is all about discovery. What works today may not work a year from now or two years from now, so we have to have open minds and keep learning and keep making our best practices the best they can be.
That’s all for today. Thank you.

Bossing Outreach

This is my first blog post as part of the Builtvisible team, so I hope everyone enjoys it!
Since joining at the beginning of March, I’ve built a bit of a reputation internally for link building, something I’ve enjoyed a lot of success doing in my two and a half years in digital marketing. I pretty quickly started working with some existing content (namely infographics) the team had built for clients and getting them featured on some awesome sites, cementing my position as ‘the outreach guy’ for the foreseeable future.
In-fact, in my second week, I managed to get an infographic we had just finished featured on DesignTaxi, Huffington Post, Yahoo News, as well as some of the most authoritative food sites around, surpassing our (and the clients!) entire linking expectations almost instantly. So hopefully some of the techniques I use can be useful for people new to the industry and seasoned pros alike.
Look for the linkers
In the example above I was coming in from cold with an infographic just about to be signed off, with no preliminary outreach under my belt. The journalistic contacts I’d built up working for one of Builtvisible’s previous clients (small world huh?) were all focused on technology, miles away from wanting to write about ‘the best coffee in Europe’. My first focus was then to look for the linkers.
There’s tons of coffee related content out there, I just had to find related infographics that had been produced before and then the sites that linked to them. This cuts down our workload by more than half – not only helping us find people/sites to get in touch with, but also those that are more likely to link as an end result.
To replicate this yourself, you’ll need to first find similar content to what you have or are planning to produce (it works both ways). To do this try really broad searches in Google. For example I started off with ‘Coffee infographic’ – simple stuff right?
From there I found a pretty well linked to infographic called ‘Your Brain on Beer vs Coffee’ created by Running the URL through Ahrefs then delivered a list of domains linking to the infographic itself.

As you’ll see, I quickly discovered DesignTaxi were previous fans of coffee based infographics, so surely they would also be interested in ours? A quick email later and it appeared they were!
Finding email addresses
DesignTaxi was a bit of an anomaly when it comes to outreach as the initial (and in fact, only) contact happened through one of the dreaded and usually unproductive ‘Contact Us’ forms. The first and always preferred method should be finding a direct email address of the person you wish to contact.
Without the help of two of my favourite tools, this would be a tricky job. Rapportive and Allmytweets are my two pro-tips.
So the situation is that you’re doing some preliminary or post publication outreach, you’re googling (sorry Bing, the word just…works) related keywords and you’ve seen a journalist who’s written about a similar topic quite recently. You can almost smell the link (!?) as you click on the authors name and it takes you to a page with a list of their articles but nothing else, no bio, no picture, no email address, nada. So you google (Bing, again, apologies) their name and there’s nothing listed on under the contact section. You also can’t see an email address in their personal website or Twitter bio and you’re pretty much out of options. This is where saves the day.
Armed with the journalists Twitter handle, you can paste it into the search field and be gloriously presented with all the tweets from their tweeting history – including deleted ones! Do a quick CTRL+F (opens the ‘find’ box) and start trying ‘contact’, ‘email’, ‘gmail’, ‘@[domain they work for].co’, etc. And before too long, you’ll strike gold; with their email account sitting there in a brilliantly highlighted ugly orange colour.

Alternatively, if that doesn’t work, rely on Rapportive (alongside the Email Permutator by Distilled). With Rapportive installed and running alongside Gmail, it’ll flash up details of the person behind an email address when hovered over. So, using your personal copy of Email Permutator through a Google Spreadsheet, you type the first and last name of the contact you’ve noticed (no one uses the middle name feature btw) along with the domain that they work for and it creates a list of potential email addresses that person could have.

Once you’ve got the list, copy all the cells with the addresses in, head over to Gmail, hit ‘Compose’ and paste your list in the ‘To’ field. Then one by one, hover over each of the addresses until a little human (usually it’s a human but it could be anything) appears. Once that happens, you’ve found them!

I cheated a little bit in the example…but you get the picture!
Now I’ve found the email address that I know works, I can simply copy it, delete the draft email and start again, pasting only the working email address in.
If you don’t get a link, make a connection
Now, I’m not going to show you word-for-word how to write an email. There’s a million posts already out there doing that (12,100,000 actually from my Google search) – but as a quick summary of all of them ever = keep it as short as possible and don’t be afraid to ask the question ‘do you think this is something you’d write a feature about’.
However, it’s not the wording in the email I want to target here, more the mentality of the person writing it. A lot of people who are quite new to outreach are mostly focused on getting the link and end up feeling ‘spammy’ after sending a few emails. I suggest switching this view a little bit, which will help not only fight that feeling but also your future outreach endeavours.
This isn’t the last piece of content you’re ever going to have, and the writers are likely going to be people you’ll want to exchange emails with in the future. So don’t jump in with the idea of just getting a link, change you’re thinking to focusing on building a relationship with the whoever it is and working out what sort of content it is that they like to receive. Don’t be afraid to ask that either.
If they ignore your first pitch attempt, simply ask for feedback. It’s ok that this writer didn’t write about it, and you obviously think they’re worth pitching to, so simply ask for feedback so you can adjust.  From there you’ll ideally have a future pinging them over content they will love. The writer could also potentially play a huge role in designing future content alongside you once you’ve built a relationship, gaining their buy-in for when the piece(s) is finalised and ensuring other writers (probably also looking for the same sort of content) find it interesting too.
Now you’ve made the trade from aiming for one link to potentially getting dozens from one writer, not to mention the others that’ll follow off the back of that. If that doesn’t excite you, you’re in the wrong game!
Digital marketing is growing faster than ever before, and as Richard pointed out recently, 70% of marketers recognised content marketing has increased their brand awareness. This does also mean that companies will ramp up their content production, giving us not only more work (yay!) but more competition (boo!). Therefore, you have to stay ahead of the game, and hopefully these techniques will help you do just that.

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The Illustrated SEO Competitive Analysis Workflow

The author’s posts are entirely his or her own (excluding the unlikely event of hypnosis) and may not always reflect the views of Moz.
One of the most important activities for any SEO process is the initial competitive analysis. This process should correctly identify your SEO targets and provide fundamental input to establish your overall strategy.
Depending on the type, industry, and scope of the SEO process, this analysis can become quite complex, as there are many factors to take into consideration—more now than ever before.
In order to facilitate this process (and make it easy to replicate, control, and document), I’ve created a step-by-step workflow with the different activities and factors to take into consideration, including identifying SEO competitors, gathering the potential keywords to target, assessing their level of difficulty, and selecting them based on defined criteria:

If you prefer, you can also grab a higher resolution version of the workflow from here.
The four analysis phases
As you can see, the SEO analysis workflow is divided into four phases:
1. Identify your potential SEO competitors
This initial phase is especially helpful if you’re starting with an SEO process for a new client or industry that you don’t know anything about, and you need to start from scratch to identify all of the potentially relevant competitors.
It’s important to note that these are not necessarily limited to companies or websites that offer the same type of content, services, or products that you do, but can be any website that competes with you in the search results for your target keywords.
2. Validate your SEO competitors
Once you have the potential competitors that you have gathered from different relevant sources it’s time to validate them, by analyzing and filtering which of those are really already ranking, and to which degree, for the same keywords that you’re targeting.
Additionally, at this stage you’ll also expand your list of potential target keywords by performing keyword research. This should use sources beyond the ones that you had already identified coming from your competitors and your current organic search data—sources for which your competitors or yourself are still not ranking, that might represent new opportunities.
3. Compare with your SEO competitors
Now that you have your SEO competitors and potential target keywords, you can gather, list, and compare your site to your competitors, using all of the relevant data to select and prioritize those keywords. This will likely include keyword relevance, current rankings, search volume, ranked pages, as well as domains’ link popularity, content optimization, and page results characteristics, among others.
4. Select your target keywords
It’s finally time to analyze the previously gathered data for your own site and your competitors, using the specified criteria to select the best keyword to target for your own situation in the short-, mid-, and long-term during your SEO process: Those with the highest relevance, search volume, and profitability. The best starting point is in rankings where you are competitive from a popularity and content standpoint.
Tools & data sources
The data sources and tools—besides the traditional ones from search engines, like their keyword or webmaster tools—that can help you to implement the process (some of them mentioned in the workflow) are:
To identify competitors: Alexa Top Sites, SimilarWeb Websites Ranking & Sites Profile.
To identify keywords: SEMRush for keyword data, SuggestMtrx (you can also use Ubersuggest or SEOchat Suggestion Keyword Finder) to gather Google suggestions for your keywords.
To identify rankings: Authority labs, Positionly, Advanced Web Ranking, among others.
To identify popularity: The Moz SEO Toolbar SERP overlay view, OpenSiteExplorer, CognitiveSEO Backlink Explorer and MajesticSEO for link related data and easy to develop popularity analysis.
To identify page optimization: Moz On-Page Grader, SEOchat’s Page Comparison tool and Web page SEO analysis tool for a quick on page content optimization analysis.
To semi-automatize the process: There are tools that have already automatized some of the phases in the process that can help you to advance faster: Moz Keyword Difficulty and SERPs analysis tool, SERPIQ, SEMRush Keyword Difficulty Tool.
Hopefully with these resources you’ll be able to develop more and better SEO competitive analysis!
What other aspects do you take into consideration and which other tools do you? I look forward to hear about them in the comments.
About Aleyda — With more than 7 years of experience doing SEO for European, American and Latin-American companies, Aleyda is an International SEO Consultant -service that she provides through her company Orainti-, co-founder of Tribalytics -a social influencers marketing tool-, and a Moz Associate. You can connect with her in twitter or her website.

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